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The Quantum Pulse created by VIBE Technologies

The Quantum Pulse

The Bio-Photonic Light produced by the Quantum Pulse increases your inner-connectively to your DNA, giving it what it needs to balance itself. This machine is a technological breakthrough that enhances the human body by helping it reach its optimum vibrational energy level.

The Quantum Pulse consists of technologies based on the theories of Lakhovsky, Tesla, Rife and Clark. Using these pioneering techniques, the device increases the cellular frequency amplitude back to its "original" healthy state.

There are four general ways imbalance in the body is created. They include toxic substances we eat, pollutions we breathe, exposures to negative energetic environments, and how we process information in our thinking and feeling. Our body has a higher vibration when it is healthy and a lower vibration when sick.

The device works on the cellular and DNA level. As such the effects are deep and long lasting and each successive session builds upon the one before.

There may be mild detox symptoms experienced, depending on your level of toxicity.

The more hydrated you are, the less symptoms you may experience. Bring your water bottles as the Quantum Pulsing restructures the liquid that is easily absorbed into each and every cell of your body.

Another effect of Quantum Pulsing is the amplification of your intent or the thought you hold while the machine is on.

You may formulate an affirmation, a prayer, a desire, and a release anything you wish to have amplified and manifested.


Quantum Pulse Rates

Initial consult and treatment $90  

Follow up treatments;

Any single treatment $50

Any six $250 save $50

Any 12 $480 save $120


Remote Quantum Pulsing

For best results: send a photograph, and a DNA sample (nail or hair clippings or saliva) along with you full name, a written
intention for your session(s), and times best suited to you. We will notify you in advance of your session time so that you are in an open and receptive space. Remote sessions can be run via phone link (additional phone charges apply). A bottle(s) of water can be charged during your session(s) to hold the frequency and assist you with integration. (additional water and postage charges apply). Normal Quantum Pulse rates apply to all other sessions.


User Stories

Sonja (Sydney, Australia) The Quantum Pulse has been a godsend to me. I cannot speak highly enough of its ability to restore good health. For years I'd suffered from plantar fasciitis, a painful inflammatory condition of the soles of the feet. Walking and standing was a chore because of the constant aching. Going shopping meant taking continual breaks to sit down and rest. During my very first Quantum Pulse treatment, my feet began to feel cooler.  When I got out of my chair to leave, there was no pain! It had completely disappeared. I walked out of Awaken Total Health feeling as though each step were cushioned by clouds. My ankles and other joints had become flexible all of a sudden, back pain had disappeared and for once, I felt like I could breathe with ease. I'd been plagued for years with shortness of breath, made worse by anxiety attacks. The attacks - brought on as a result of shyness - lessened a great deal and I began to feel far more comfortable in social situations. My thoughts seemed to become clearer and more logical, left/right co-ordination improved, senses of smell, taste and hearing improved and muscles lost their aches and tension.  I continue to use the Quantum Pulse for energy top-ups. I wind up feeling completely relaxed, with all minor aches and stresses eliminated like magic, but then again, this invention might as well be magic. I am very grateful to Awaken Total Health for providing me and others with the opportunity to experience this accelerated form of healing. Quantum Pulse sessions are very reasonably priced, I think, considering their astounding results.

Norma Mou (Byron Bay, Australia). "I could feel the energies moving through me in waves. I felt extremely energised with renewed ZEST for LIFE and that alone is worth a visit!"

Shirrley Rose (Newport, Australia). I had a lump in my breast I had been addressing with various forms of healing for years with no result. After three Quantum Pulse sessions it is gone forever.

No medical claims are made about the use of the Quantum Pulse to replace the need for professional medical advice or treatment. If you experience health problems you should always consult your regular physician.




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