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Awaken Total Health from the inside. 
Create optimal health: 
physical, mental, emotional and spiritual
 with an individual program designed for you.

Practitioner Treatments

$180 Initial consultation and treatment 
(up to two hours)

$120/hr Ongoing treatment

Concession rates, some health rebates available. Please inquire

Practitioner Treatments include:

Weight Loss Treatment 
Pain Management
Holistic Counseling
Voice Body Dialogue
Nutritional Counseling-Detox Programs*
Energy Diagnostics*
Sound Healing*

DNA Activations and Balancing
Diagnostics and Psychic Surgery
Pranic Healing*
Energy Retrieval and Balancing*
Individual Yoga Programs*
Deep Relaxation*
Motivational Training*
Life Change Facilitation*
Shamanic Journey
Soul Song*
 DNA Activations*
LET Scenar/Cosmotic Transformations

Phone Sessions

Since all imbalances in the human body/mind/spirit complex have an underlying thought pattern or energetic signature, many treatments can be facilitated during a phone session. This offers flexibility and possibilities for treatment that would not be available under ordinary physical restrictions. Phone sessions eliminate obstacles like location, travel, time conflicts with job or family, etc. We accept prepayment for phone sessions via credit card, direct deposit, cheque or paypal. Please phone us on 02 6685 9869 to discuss your options.

*These treatments are also available via phone sessions:
even remote quantum pulsing


Energy Treatments


Single Treatment $50

Any Six Sessions $250 save $50

Any Twelve Sessions $480 save $120

Treatments can be combined in a single session for maximum benefit. Example1: Quantum Pulse and Chi Energizer followed by Orgon Therapeutic Blanket (45 minutes-3 sessions) Example 2: Scenar Pads on Bemer 3000 covered with Orgon Energy Blanket (45 minutes- 3 sessions) Example 3: Q2 Energiser with Scenar pads followed by a Quantum Pulses (55minutes 3 sessions)


Quantum Pulse by VIBE Technologies 
A Quantum Pulse Treatment consists of sitting or lying (fully clothed)  in front of the Machine for  2-15 minutes where you are bathed in sound and light frequencies. 
The VIBE Machine creates a unified field of consciousness or zero point where you  experience yourself at your highest level. In this environment you are able to release illness or blockages, receive guidance and health... 


Orgon Energy Therapeutic blanket 
Treatment consists of being wrapped (fully clothed) in the blanket from 5-50 minutes. Based on original work by Wilhelm Reich, the Energy Blanket was developed to help to induce the body and mind to rest, recover and re-energise. Orgon energy was the term coined by Reich referring to the subtle body energy that is part of our manifold being which is said to get depleted or disordered because of internal and external influences. The Energy Blanket works essentially by reflecting away external energies that may be influencing the body and also by reflecting back to itself the body's own  far infrared ray healing system.

Q-2 Energiser  
Treatment consists of placing your hands or feet in a container of water with the Q-2 energy orb for a period of 35 minutes. The water in the container becomes one with us taking on our own energetic resonant signature as an energy template. The result is more available energy to utilize in our healing. ... 

Chi Energiser   
Treatment involves lying (fully clothed) while the body is gently swayed from side-to-side from the ankle support. The gentle, fishtail-like movement encourages the blood to circulate more efficiently. The body's systems all undergo massage in a steady, undulating motion, but without high impact. Many experience a tingling, rushing sensation, gradually diminishing to a deep relaxation

Scenar Pad Treatment
Sticky pads are placed on the body sending a gentle electrical impulse to reset the electro-energetic fields and flow within the body, its organs and physiological systems. SCENAR (developed in Russia) uses reflex bio-feedback, an interactive and computer-modulated energy-neuro-stimulation, to relieve pain, reduce disability and improve physiological functionality. This impulse communicates with the nervous system and stimulates the body's own healing response. 30 minutes

Ask about our referral program and business opportunities.

We also offer payment plans, pensioner discounts and exchange opportunities. Please ask if this supports your treatment.

Awaken Total Health also offers Workshops  
for Groups, Schools, Hospitals, Community
Organisations, Counselling Centres, Addiction Treatment Centres, Youth Groups, Corporate Retreats, Private and Corporate Businesses.



Byron Bay:
+61 2 6685 9869
+61 447 655 905