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This year our interaction with the orbs has deepened. Perhaps we should say light beings…as many are now presenting with form and movement. As always they are a joy to interact with, but they always raise as many questions as they answer.

Is this an orb or group of orbs moving together with Arpana in our Manly Beach garden ?

Harry’s orb dance in the garden in Byron brought in some giant translucent orbs

When David decided to help with to anchor the rainbow serpent for our property, the orbs came out in abundance to show their approval

as above

Bunna Lawrie, senior indigenous whale man, said this is “Jeedarra, The mythical white whale connecting us to the dreamtime.”

I am planting a gnome in the garden as this moving orb was watching from above

Orbs seem to like garden gnomes as they gather in the garden with one bright orb moving above

Here our son Raj makes a point with the help of a friendly orb…Remember to dream

Back in Arnhemland with Djalu Gurruwiwi, senior indigenous yidaki man, the orbs began to gather

When he began a healing on Arpana this white dove appeared on Djalu’s shoulder

close up

When the healing of the land was complete it ascended back to the celestial realms

We returned to honour the ceremonial land where we were married last year and this little being appeared.

close up. The most well formed being I have photographed so far

These beauties also came to show their respect for the healing music

Finally, this little creature appeared 
in the sky above us…any ideas?

We welcome your thoughts, your questions and your experience as we explore the emergence and continuing interaction with these visitors from another dimension.

To be continued… contact us




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