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ShamanaTara is a teacher and healer, a mother and lover. She has spent her life riding the wave of creation and invites you to do the same. Step inside as she shares insights, stories, travels, and tools to living a divinely human experience in this Now Time on Earth.

 Her partner, a Wholistic GP and she run run a healing practice in Byron Bay, Australia. They have been studying the human organism in its journey to heal itself and apply solutions from traditional, spiritual, allopathic and quantum science to facilitate change at core level. 

  Over the past twenty five years ShamanaTara has traveled extensively and trained with international leaders in psychology, spirituality, yoga, ayurveda and quantum technology, which give her a strong foundation in our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual and pranic (life force) needs.

ShamanaTara, as a Founding Director of two international businesses, Director of Sales and Marketing for a Los Angeles Publishing Group, Vice President of a Hollywood Studio, Co-Producer of a TV series, Emmy Award Nominee and mother of three, has embraced the fullness and stresses of modern living.

A personal and planetary grid worker, ShamanaTara sees the crystalline structures of the light body matrixes and facilitates activation of the DNA in individuals and the planet. As she travels she assists in the awakening of Mother Earth and sings the whale song lines of the planet, thereby anchoring the frequencies and templates for ascension.

ShamanaTara lives life to the fullest and her greatest joy is facilitating others to do the same. Connecting others with their presence, their mastery, their guidance  and their truth. Her joy is to pulse the light of creation for others to awaken. Her presence and the gifts of vision, song, dance, and touch give her the  ability to speak the ancient tongue and light the path to the future.



Byron Bay:
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