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My name is ShamanaTara. I am a teacher, healer and singer of the ancient whale song lines. I have been called to sacred places where the physical whales can no longer reach to sing their song. My partner Dr Didge Arpana is a Holistic Doctor, dolphin enthusiast, didge master and rain maker. (He is often known to appear at conferences and gatherings as Flapper little known cousin of Flipper). Together we hold a sacred and joyous connection to bridge communication between humans, cetaceans and beings like the orbs pictured here.

For the past few years we have been involved with an indigenous whale dreamer named Bunna Lawrie and the making of the film, The Gathering – Return of the Whale Dreamers. In our travels, our work, in sacred sites and in ceremony we have been documenting the occurrence of these orbs. Some are ancestor spirits, our connection to the dreamtime and the dreaming. Some have been identified; others are yet to identify themselves. They now often travel with us, meet us, greet us, and guide us. We have thousands of photos of orbs of varying sizes, colours and shapes.

We began communicating with these orbs of light and documenting our experience. I have now allowed hundreds to merge with me in our combined mission to anchor Peace on Earth. We play we sing, we dance. We bring light, magic and laughter to our world. We help bridge the gap between the seen and the unseen; the known and the unknown.

We also record the annual song of the humpback whale and use this song as the base for sacred healing music and events for the awakening of us all. We offer these events in Sydney and Byron Bay in  Australia and around the world when sponsored. We are committed to sharing our humble wisdom, experience, gifts and questions.

We were presenters at the First international Conference ORBS: WHAT IS GOING ON? We were honoured to share the stage with renowned quantum physicist William Tiller (What the Bleep) Joan Ocean (Dolphin Connection) and Miceal Ledwith, seeker of truth Theologian (What the Bleep) among others.

I have attached a few photos from our Orb collection for your perusal. Perhaps they will inspire you own enquiry. At least the presence of these beings of light answers one age old question.                   “We are not alone”




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